Engage clients anywhere
Connect with leads and customers on the messenger chat they prefer
No need to switch apps
Sync chats, lead capture forms, phone calls or emails from all your sources into a single, unified inbox
Crush targets with messenger based sales
Unleash the selling power of your social media with instant messaging
Boost productivity with Chatbots
Enhance your messenger-based sales and marketing workflows with a no code visual chatbot builder.

Clients increasingly want to engage and buy via messaging and social media and you can be present on the channels your customers love.

Future Proof is proud to bring Kommo – the worlds first messaging-powered CRM – to South Africa.

Boost you business with a whole set of messaging apps, equipping your reps to respond lighting-fast to hot leads and queries on the messaging app they prefer without app switching. 

Respond more effectively and do it with all the lead’s info right in front of you.

All your chats in one place

Connect with your leads and customers on their favourite messenger apps. 

Every conversation is readily available in single, unified inbox empowering your team to manage more leads, increase sales and offer better support.

Close deals wherever you are

The fully-featured mobile app keeps your business productive even when mobile or remote.

Enjoy the freedom to roam, while constantly connected and ready to win sales.

Improve productivity with automation and bots

Let your staff focus on building personal connections with your customers while Salesbot takes care of the rest.

Natural language processing detects a lead or customer’s intentions and then responding with pre-made templates and workflows.

Salesbot answers questions, schedules appointments and much more.

Purchase your license with us and get a month free service.

Book your demo and enjoy a 14-day free trial

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Address : Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa