Omni-Channel Contact Centre
One platform, combining all your clients favourite channels
Ideal for small or startup teams
Full omni-channel features with no minimum order, per seat billing and month-to-month contracts
Work from home ready
Let agents work from anywhere during lockdowns, loadshedding or civil and labour unrest
Monitor and engage your remote teams
Real -time monitoring and powerful eporting ensure you keep your teams productive and effective
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Challenge and motivate agents with gaming experiences

Unleash your teams with a cloud based contact centre designed to meet the needs of new and emerging call centres and is fully work from home ready.

Enjoy the features, tools and integrations you need to create the experiences to improve sales and customer services.

Use your clients favourite platforms with a full omni-channel solution.


Perfect for the startup or small team contact centre

No minimum order size, per seat billing (only billed for capacity, not per agent) and month-to-month contracts.

Work from home ready

Designed with remote work in  mind, agents can make and receive calls via the WebRTC phone in their browse, or on their mobile or landlines.

Improve the client experience with Sticky Agents

Sticky Agents bind the caller to the agent and should they call again, the system will attempt to connect them to the same agent again.

Skills based routing

Help your client receive great service by ensuring they are routed to the agent best suited to resolve their query.

Adanced Dialers

The right dialing strategy makes all the difference to the success of your contact centre so we include access to all our dialers at no extra cost.

Manual Dialer

Agents manually enter the clients number to make a call.

Preview Dialer

The agent is presented with information about the prospect or customer and triggers or declines the call with the click of a button.

Auto Dialer

Auto Dialers initiate calls to contacts stored in the database or CRM at a rate set by a dial ratio which estimates when an agent is expected to be available. When successfully connected the call is connected to a wafting agent.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive Dialing provides the benefits of automatic dialing while ensuring each connected outbound call is delivered to an available agent. This dialer only dials when agents are ready, ensuring an increase in contact rates and a decrease in abandoned calls..

Predictive Dialer

A Predictive Dialer is an ideal tool for businesses with large databases. The dialer anticipates when to place next call based on the number of agents and based on the stipulated average talk time, it adjusts its calling pattern

Promotional Dialer

Promotional Dialers broadcast audio clips by calling to customers for promotional purposes. Promotional campaigns are created in the system and can be scheduled by a job.

Engage your clients on the platforms they already use

Full Omni-Channel platform

Use Calls, Video, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, WebChat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter in your contact centre

Go Social with your contact centre

Merge social media with your sales and support process and create experiences that delight clients and improve sales.

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Secure multi-channel engagements

All omni-channel communication is recorded, trackable, can be monitored and reported on.

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