Tired of not being heard?

Are your clients and agents complaining about poor quality calls? See how a noise map helps you find the culprits.

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Call centers suffer from significant ambient noise from multiple locations such as:

  • Other agents talking in the background.
  • The supervisor/team-leaders shouting to instruct or enthuse the agents.
  • A nearby gathering of staff getting coffee

How can you tell where the most disturbing noises originate for each call?

Noise Firewall creates a noise map of your call centre that takes into account the acoustics in the call center, the physical location of each person and the equipment that is being used (e.g. headsets).

The noise-map of your call center checks:

  • Each phone to identify the most disturbing sources of noises and provide scoring on the level of noise.
  • Takes into account temporary changes in the call center, for example when few of the agents are on a break.

Noise mapping allows call centre managers to monitor and proactively adjust their layout to offer the best calling environment.

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