The National Shutdown and You

Civil unrest comes into focus once again with a proposed national shutdown.

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While we have all focused on protecting our businesses from the harm loadshedding is causing, the EFF’s decision to embark on a national shutdown on 20 March 2023 reminds us that civil and political unrest also needs to be prepared for.

Regardless of the politics of the shutdown and whether or not it is peaceful, the fact that is is planned for the Monday before the Human Rights Day public holiday ensures most businesses will experience disruptions of some sort.

Disruptions to the roads and transport services could make it impossible for staff to safely travel to the office, or your business may be in an area targeted by protestors.

Preparing and empowering staff to work remotely can drastically mitigate the impact of the your business.

Is your business crisis ready?

Between COVID shutdowns, loadshedding and unrest, the ability to instantaneously switch to remote working is a must for South African businesses.

If you aren’t are ready for these disruptions, it is time to consider the 3CX, the next generation office phone system, for your business. 

Accelerate your businesses growth with 3CX phone system. Don’t just rely on phone calls! Use Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Video Conferencing too. 

Thousands of companies around the world rely on 3CX daily to connect their clients and teams using a wide range of features for calls, chat and video.

1. Communicate in your browser

With no need for additional hardware – other than a USB headset for privacy and an internet connection – your staff use their office extension and work just as they would from the office.

Staff can make and receive calls, access the company phonebook, answer live chat / Facebook messages, use built in 3CX Chat to stay connected to colleagues and meet online with the 3CX Video Conferences – all from one pane of glass.

2. Mobile Apps

If your team is mobile, the free 3CX mobile app for iOS and Android is the perfect companion.

Connect securely over any available cellular or WiF connection for calls, chat, instant message, and video calling in an easy and intuitive app.

3. Call Forwarding

Concerned about poor internet connections due to loadshedding or haven’t had time to setup home offices for staff?

3CX allow for automatic call forwarding to landlines or cellphone numbers. ensuring you never miss a call.

Not sure if your business is ready for unexpected disruptions?

Our team of communication specialists can help you review your emergency communication needs, provide world class solutions and train staff and managers for effective remote work.

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